Sunday, November 30, 2014

The State of Serial

I, along with many people in the world right now, am a fan of Serial. The story is a fascinating wild goose chase with many legs. After I listen to Serial, I then listen to the Slate podcast and read Rabia Chaudry's blog to learn how others view the evidence. (I still have yet to read posts on LL2, but hope to get to it at some point.) If you're having trouble comprehending the timeline, IBT displays a helpful graphic.

Where we are now in the series (9 episodes in) is where Serial will likely end: with Sarah Koenig unsure of Adnan Syed's guilt. A definitive ending would mean Koenig would have to pull a rabbit out of her hat, and I don't think that's going to happen. The Innocence Project is re-investigating the case, but that's all we know.

As I've learned from Dateline, cases live way beyond a TV episode. In other words, cases don't just end with a conviction; appeals take place; people can be absolved from conviction; and others can be convicted in their place. So Syed's case is like many others -- ongoing. It will continue to evolve after this podcast ends. The saddest part is that grief for the Syed and Lee families will also linger, and may never end.

The good news for Serial followers? There will be a Season 2.

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