Thursday, January 1, 2015

Criminal Podcast

Missing Serial? Criminal is the only other podcast I've found thus far to be as gripping as Serial. Interviews with criminals (including a teen who "broke" the Internet, and a once-successful counterfeiter) eradicate the mystery behind their crimes. Other episodes are less directly related to crime (for example, the thirteenth podcast is on an elderly couple's connection to crime writer Raymond Chandler), but each one, in its own surprising way, tells a story I never thought I'd hear.

Criminal's episode art (shown above) is by Julienne Alexander. Here's her take on the podcast:

Criminal's three producers -- Pheobe, Lauren, and Eric -- are doing a great thing: they're presenting real stories about crime from every angle, keeping it bright and compelling even when the subjects center on the dark, the unjust, and the selfish. Some humans perform dreadful acts, some are victims, and some make those stories captivating for wide radio audience. I'm happy to be a part of the action.

We're glad you're a part of it too, Julienne!

P.S. While dedicated to Serial and Criminal, I am also looking forward to NPR's new podcast, Invisibilia, to be released on January 9.

(Photo by Carissa Gallo)

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