Thursday, January 28, 2016

My Dream to Be a Writer

Last night I watched the documentary, The Short Life of Anne Frank. I want to be a writer too. Why do I feel so accomplished after I write something? Why do I feel my best when I am journaling or reading? My mother always thought I'd be a writer and that I'd write a book. At least, that's what she told people! I'd like to be a writer... for Anne Frank, because she never got to be one. For my mother, so she can be extra happy in heaven. And for myself, to fulfill my great dream that I've always had.

But do great dreams always die once you reach a certain age? All I really want to do in life is sleep, read, write, eat, and travel. I'd like to go back to school to study writing. But I don't know how that will happen. I'll have to work, probably as a clerk to earn a living for the time being. I don't have anything I want to write about, but I want to learn to write well, learn and use new words, compile written works, have my own curriculum vitae.

I don't want to be a journalist. The world rules the journalists, meaning that whatever the world wants/does, the journalist must do that/follow. I want to be a writer--someone who isn't restrained by news and what's occurring right this minute, but someone who has a mind of her own, can express herself better in writing than in spoken word. Being true to myself, not anyone else.

I want to tell stories that inspire people, like the story of Anne Frank. Anne Frank's story inspired me to write this post and to look into being a writer. Being a writer is what I'd really like to be known for.

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