ROXY Summer Wishlist & Brand Ambassadors
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ROXY Summer Wishlist & Brand Ambassadors

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If you’re a female surfer or beach girl, chances are you’ve heard of ROXY’s apparel. What I particularly like about the brand is its beachy, easy-breezy style, affordability, and inspiring female ambassadors, including award-winning surfers and snowboarders.

ROXY began in 1990 initially as a women’s swimwear line that quickly came to include surfwear. The first influential surfer to join ROXY’s Boardrider’s Team was Lisa Andersen, and under her guidance, the team has grown into a well-respected pro women’s surfing team. Other current team members include Stephanie Gilmore, Kelia Moniz, and Caroline Marks. Special offerings that might interest the average ROXY gal are Stephanie Gilmore’s three-part series on how to surf, and Kelia Moniz and Hailey Bieber’s Sister collection (a reflection of their friendship). Interestingly, the stylish Moniz comes from a surfing family in Hawaii and her Instagram is major inspo; she even surfed and boxed while pregnant!

ROXY eventually expanded to include snowwear in 1997, along with a full line of snowboards in 2003. ROXY’s pro snow team of freeskiers and snowboarders include Torah Bright, Alexis Waite and Amber Stackhouse. Bright joined the snow team in 1999, and, according to ROXY, has been a “snow lover from birth” who “was skiing at age 2 and by 11, she had broken into the snowboarding scene.”

I recently visited ROXY’s website and stumbled upon some great finds for summer, even if you plan to stay in!, including this pink-and-white striped lunch box. Check out my other finds below!


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